Are some of your students scared to get up and speak in front of the class? Do your students read from their papers when doing a presentation? Are some of your students difficult to hear and understand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your class would benefit from a visit with the Speech Doctor!

Assembly Program (Recommended for grades K-6)

The Speech Doctor, Kathleen Williams, Ph.D., a highly experienced Public Speaking instructor, puts on her white coat and stethoscope and will make a house call to your school to diagnose your students’ “Speech Sicknesses” that prevent them from doing their best. Over-sized props, containing effective cures, add humor to this laugh out loud funny program. Complete with hilarious sound effects and music, this show will demonstrate how to reduce mumbling, speak at an appropriate volume, avoid a monotone voice and look at an audience when speaking. Students will leave this program confident knowing it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you do your best!

Workshops (Recommended for grades 6-12)

Workshops provide more personal instruction in a classroom setting.  Each student in the class participates and demonstrates concepts discussed in the workshop in a fun and encouraging way. Highly specific and practical strategies are provided to improve speech delivery and confidence!  Up to 25 per students per workshop; can be done in one or two day sessions

In The Speech Doctor workshops, students learn:

  • Importance of Public Speaking
  • Sources of Speech Anxiety
  • Ways to Reduce Anxiety
  • How to slow down their rate of speech
  • How to articulate words properly
  • How to speak in an appropriate volume
  • How to maintain eye contact with an audience
  • How to be an expressive speaker

You lucky ducks!