How “The Speech Doctor is IN” Program meets the NJ Curriculum Standards in Language Arts Literacy:

This highly interactive program gives the student an opportunity to get a clear understanding of the qualities necessary for effective oral presentations in regards to eye contact, posture/stance, volume control, enunciation, appropriate rate and vocal expression. Additionally, this program discusses the causes of stage fright and demonstrates proper breathing techniques needed for a relaxed and confident performance. Thus, this program meets the following Language Arts Literacy Standards for Oral Presentations:


  • Read aloud from developmentally appropriate texts with attention to expression
  • Recite orally
  • Begin to understand the importance of looking at a speaker
  • Talk about an experience or work sample in front of a small group
  • Use appropriate strategies to prepare, rehearse and deliver an oral presentation such as word choice, expression, eye contact and volume
  • Maintain audience interest during formal presentations, incorporating adequate volume, proper pacing, and clear enunciation
  • Read aloud with fluency
  • Use verbal and non-verbal elements of delivery (e.g. eye contact, stance) to maintain audience focus
  • Maintain audience interest during formal presentations incorporating adequate volume, proper pacing and clear enunciation
  • Use clear, precise, organized language that reflects the conventions of spoken English
  • Develop speaking techniques including voice modulation, inflection, tempo, enunciation, and eye contact for effective presentations

I would highly recommend this valuable program. It aligns with our New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in the following ways:

  • Varied and powerful ways of communicating ideas, thoughts and feelings
  • An enhanced sense of poise and self-esteem
  • The ability to be creative and inventive decision-makers
Mrs. Audrey Wallock

School Principal (retired), Kennedy Elementary